Ring Rail and Pretzel Rail

NEWLY DESIGNED To Fit In individual Anchor Sockets
Models P-329, P-329-Z, P-429-Z, P-329-AS
High impact polymer. Reinforced construction provides SĀFTRON
signature durability.

Ring Rail and Pretzel Rail

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NEWLY DESIGNED To Fit In individual Anchor Sockets.
SĀFTRON high impact polymer railings are made of specially formulated compounds to ensure longevity and unparalleled resistance to the elements, UV, and chemicals while requiring virtually no maintenance. They are guaranteed to keep their smooth, bright finish for many years.

SĀFTRON Ring Rails and Pretzel Rails contain reinforced, encapsulated steel which provides superior strength and durability. A high impact polymer exterior ensures SĀFTRON rails are unaffected by pool chemicals, salt, and sun and remain cooler to the touch. No grounding or bonding required. Pretzel Rails sold in pairs.

NOTE: Core-drilling and grouting is the only recommended installation method for the Ring Rail as it installs at an angle. Due to the angle of the rail, standard escutcheons will not fit the base. This rail is only recommended for new decks where the surface can be matched to the edge of the rail after it has been installed, otherwise the grout around the base will remain visible. We have also redesigned the traditional ring rail so it may be installed in two separate anchor sockets as an alternate choice.

Product Specs

Data Sheet

Ring/Pretzel Rail Data Sheet

Outside Diameter: 1.90″ OD
Wall Thickness: .25″
Bends: 6″ radius

P-326 & P-330
Bends: 4″ radius


26″ W x 30″ H (P-326-RTD)
30″ W x 30″ H (P-330-RTD)
40″ W x 32″ H (RTD-340)
48″ W x 32″ H (RTD-348)



Dimensional Drawings


Ring Rails



Pretzel Rails



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