Installation Jigs

SĀFTRON high impact polymer installation jigs enable correct spacing and alignment of anchor sockets during construction without subjecting rails to the hazards of the construction zone. Anchor sockets attach to jig posts which hold them in position until cement has set. Includes a built-in spirit level that ensures vertical positioning of the posts every time. Once the cement has set around the anchor sockets, the re-usable jig is removed and replaced with the rail.


Return to Deck Railing Jig: 8" W x 16" H (P-JIG-RTD)

Aides positioning of Anchor Sockets for return-to-deck rails with 8" spacing between posts


Ladder Jig: 20" W x 8" H (P-JIG-L)

Aides positioning of Anchor Sockets for standard pool ladders with 20" on-center spacing